Employees of UKRCONSULTING LAW FIRM LLC. have significant professional experience and speak English well, and all this together allows our Law Firm to offer timely, competent and professional legal services not only to Ukrainian clients but also to various international corporate and private clients as well.

Traditionally Ukrainian law school, which is the successor of former USSR law school, provides that each lawyer should have very wide legal skills and experience in almost each field of jurisprudence and legal practice (civil law, public law, corporate law, family law, labor law, commercial law, investment law, tax law, administrative and criminal law, court procedures, etc.). Following this tradition our Law Firm offers to its customers the high-quality legal services in each and every legal field, however most legal specialists of our Law Firm together with good skills and experience in all the above listed legal fields have their own dominant specialization and we believe this is the right way to retain and improve the existing legal experience of our lawyers as well as the overall competence of our Law Firm and quality of our legal services.

Also should be mentioned, that our Law Firm provides not only professional legal services, but also some auxiliary services, which are often also required together with the legal services. Namely, we have the Translations Department inside of our Law Firm, where employed big number of professional translators and interpreters of English, German, French, Dutch, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish and of a wide list of other languages. We have UKRCONSULTING ACCOUNTING & FINANCE PE Daughter Company, which offers excellent accounting and tax planning services for corporate and private clients. For most complicated accounting and tax situations we can offer assistance of our Partner Company SOM AUDIT AUDITING FIRM with a couple of experienced accountants and auditors, which can also offer various audit services if required.

In the field of corporate law our Law Firm offers incorporation of various corporate entities in Ukraine (limited liability companies, private enterprises, joint-stock companies, etc. including drafting of tailor-made articles of incorporation and other required documents for the client) and state registration of private entrepreneurs, when this form of business is more convenient for a client from the tax point of view and overall commercial effectiveness of small business together with appropriate legal consultations and elements of tax planning in order to allow client to choose the right corporate structure and tax system. Together with incorporation goes legal support and due diligence at sale & purchase or other transfer of corporate rights. Legal advising as regarding protection and effective use of corporate rights in Ukraine and mutual relationships of co-owners of various corporate entities including conflicts among them and the ways to solve such conflicts. And finally in the field of corporate law our Law Firm offers sufficient legal and accounting support of liquidation of various corporate entities and private entrepreneurs as well, including drafting and filing of required documents and applications to accomplish this procedure.

In the field of commercial law our Law Firm offers reasonable and extensive legal consulting covering each and every legal matter of commercial and business interest. Therewith division onto commercial and civil law is rather conditional because both civil and commercial relations are regulated mostly by the Civil Code of Ukraine effective as of January 1, 2004 with numerous subsequent amendments, which are continuously included into the same by Ukrainian Parliament (Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine) and partially by the Commercial Code of Ukraine effective as of January 1, 2004. In this legal field our Law Firm also provides legal due diligence of commercial contracts, agreements and other required documents in form of a legal report and competent drafting of the same for our clients as well in order to create a perfect tool for acquiring rights and discharging appropriate duties strongly protecting rights of our clients and minimizing their commercial risks as well and of course the court protection of such rights and interests when required.

In the field of tax law our Law Firm together with its UKRCONSULTING ACCOUNTING & FINANCE PE Daughter Company and the Partner Company SOM AUDIT AUDITING FIRM offers complex accounting, tax reporting, tax planning and audit services. Our clients also get fast and competent legal and audit support if a tax dispute appears with appropriate tax inspection or tax administration of Ukraine including the administrative and court protection of interests of our clients.

In the field of investment law our Law Firm provides sufficient legal consulting helping a domestic, but mainly the foreign investor, to choose the right type of investment in order to reach the investment target, to control entire process of using the invested funds and of course to set appropriate legal tools in order to protect rights of investor and his investment up to complete return of the investment using all available administrative and legal procedures in most efficient way.

In the field of public law, interaction and cooperation with numerous state institutions, services and bodies our Law Firm provides comprehensive consulting support covering legal aspects and legal procedures of such cooperation and interactions from one hand and effective administrative & court appeal of unlawful decrees and orders of such institutions on behalf of our clients from the other hand.

In the field of labor law our Law Firm provides comprehensive consulting support of employers in relations with their employees starting from hiring employees in strict accordance with provisions of the Labor Code of Ukraine and drafting good employment contracts for our clients and finishing with qualified legal support of firing and court mediation of possible labor disputes and conflicts. Also here should be mentioned daily legal consulting of client's personnel officers as regarding various aspects of Ukrainian labor laws and regulations. From the other hand this field of legal services also includes good legal support of employees' rights using appropriate court and administrative procedures including actions required to collect unpaid salary of an employee.

In the field of court procedures (arbitration and litigation) our Law Firm offers for corporate and private clients as well the comprehensive judicial solicitation at numerous Ukrainian courts of all levels and competence. Our Law Firm represents and protects rights and interests of its clients at district, urban district and city courts of general jurisdiction, Ukrainian courts of appeal of general jurisdiction and the Supreme Court of Ukraine; at the Economical Courts of Ukraine (Ukrainian Courts of Arbitration as well), appeal Economical Courts of Ukraine and at the Highest Economical Courts of Ukraine; local, appeal and the highest Administrative Courts of Ukraine. Our specialists can draft and file all the documents required for arbitration and/or litigation in order to protect in the right and effective manner rights of our clients.

In the field of civil law our Law Firm provides comprehensive legal consulting covering various civil deals and transactions mainly between private (natural) persons, drafting of all required contracts, agreements, etc. (sale & purchase, exchange, gifting, rent, delivery, supply, transportation, credit, factoring, contracting agreements); legal consulting covering matters of succession, non-contractual liabilities and other various civil legal issues.

In the field of family law our Law Firm offers extensive legal consulting covering various family relations, including legal aspects of children and parents, their mutual rights and obligations and of course various issues of marriage in Ukraine, property and non-property mutual rights and duties of spouses including drafting of marriage contracts, issues of divorce and children support in Ukraine with full judicial support if required.

In the field of administrative law our Law Firm also offers comprehensive legal consulting as well as court protection of its clients' interests. Therewith our Law Firm does not offer legal services in the field of criminal law; however we can advice good Ukrainian criminal lawyers.

Our Law Firm also offers some additional services such as:

- fulfilment of various confidential (private) orders (instructions, requests) of legal, commercial and private nature, which due to certain factual (location of a client abroad Ukraine, absence of free time, etc.) or personal circumstances cannot (or not wanted to) be executed personally by the client or with help of his employees, acquaintances, friends or relatives;

- in order to check honesty (well-doing, good standing) of Ukrainian contractors (partners) as well as in order to check powers of persons, who represent a corporate entity (company, firm, plant, corporation) of Ukraine, to find out status of Ukrainian corporate entities (companies, firms, plants, corporations) as well as Ukrainian private entrepreneurs, our Law Firm is able to collect for and deliver to clients certain information on Ukrainian corporate entities (companies, firms, plants, corporations) and Ukrainian private entrepreneurs;

- search of Ukrainian court decisions (judicial decisions, judicial decrees, court holdings, judgments, judicial awards, legal judgments, adjudications, opinions of the courts, judicial opinions, orders, etc.) in civil, administrative and criminal court proceedings.

In other worlds clients of our Law Firm can get complete and competent legal support and assistance in each and every legal issue.

UKRCONSULTING LAW FIRM LLC. is located in Kharkov city, Ukraine. Therewith we also offer our legal services and judicial support for clients in other cities of Ukraine.

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