[Top 8] Potent Testosterone Boosting Herbs That Work Fast

Low testosterone can be a difficult condition to deal with if not treated right.

Fortunately, nature has the key to fix depleting testosterone levels with testosterone boosting herbs. 

Testosterone plays an important part in the maintenance of men’s health and fitness throughout their life.

In fact, the importance increases exponentially as their age increases. 

As soon as you hit your 40s, the consequences of not caring about low testosterone long before start to show up.

This is the time when most men turn to injections and testosterone replacement therapies to fix the damage. 

What if we told you there’s a better and more effective way?

This blog answers this question for you and lists down the top Herbs for Boosting Testosterone

But first, let’s see why you should be choosing these herbs and not conventional treatment. 


Why Choose Testosterone Boosting Herbs to Correct Hormonal Issues?

Acceptably, testosterone injections are a practical solution for low testosterone.

It’s instant and will not require you to invest days on end waiting for the results. However, this convenience comes at a price. 

There would be hundreds, if not thousands, of men who complain of experiencing side effects after these treatments.

Not to mention, the high expenses associated with it. 

Risky side effects like insomnia, blood clotting, and difficulty breathing are all too common with testosterone injections. That’s the reason why going the natural route is a much better option. 

Most importantly, it’s always better to opt for natural treatments when you can. And what could be better if these remedies actually work! 

Well, using Herbs That Boost Testosterone Levels is a scientifically proven and reliable way for pumped up T levels. 

These herbs have even been used as ancient medicines for their therapeutic properties.

So, giving them a try before you go for invasive treatments makes complete sense. 

Here’s our list of the Best Testosterone Boosting Herbs to get an all-natural solution for troubling low T. 

Best Natural Testosterone Boosting Herbs That Work 

Below we list out 8 of the most effective testosterone boosting herbs for low T in men. These are completely safe to use unless you have some kind of allergy to a particular herb. 

The best part?

This long assortment gives you enough options to try any of these herbs.

So, if one of them doesn’t go with your taste or you harbor an allergic reaction, choose another one.

Plus, these are cost-effective options as compared to testosterone shots. With that said, let’s dig into the Herbs Proven to Increase Testosterone.

#1. Ashwagandha

Testosterone boosting herbs

This herb, in particular, is extensively tested and researched to benefit multiple aspects of fitness. Be it high-intensity workout recovery, strength, or building muscle, this super herb can be of great help. 

Its roots are useful in traditional Ayurvedic Indian medicine.

Plus, there are already speculations about its ability to increase muscle strength and size to be related to testosterone. 

In fact, it makes sense as muscle health and testosterone are intrinsically related.

Clinical studies further investigate the benefits of ashwagandha. 

As per an eight-week study, taking ashwagandha significantly improved muscle size and testosterone among young adults.

Moreover, another potential benefit of ashwagandha relates to cortisol. 

This herb is especially good at suppressing the levels of cortisol. As stress is one of the leading reasons behind low T, decreasing the effects is obviously going to help. 

Thus, ashwagandha is unarguably one of the best ways to Boost Testosterone with Herbs

#2. Garlic


Garlic intake relates to higher serum testosterone levels and, in general, it’s a strong herb for men’s health.

In fact, it’s also an aphrodisiac with its high allicin content. Garlic is said to naturally increase blood flow to sexual organs and help improve libido. 

However, when it comes down to testosterone, there’s some solid evidence in its favor. It has shown to increase testicular testosterone in an animal study.

Plus, the herb’s relation to testosterone is usually also explained through cortisol suppression. 

Cortisol is the stress hormone with catabolic reactions. Thus, cortisol not only affects testosterone but also breaks down muscle fibers.

So, taking garlic can have a direct and indirect positive effect on testosterone.

But if you want to avoid the foul smell from eating, it’s a good measure to go for supplements. 

Thus, the next time you’re asking What Herbs Increase Testosterone, don’t forget that you can also have the remedy in your kitchen cabinet.

#3. Shilajit

Testosterone boosting herbs

Shilajit is one of those herbs that have had its extensive use traditionally. It can help you boost both testosterone levels and energy.

With enhanced energy, the herb is often touted as an endurance maximizer for men. Thus, with its effects, you can expect better workouts and recovery. 

These effects together form a common ground for better testosterone release and muscle growth. Furthermore, Shilajit also increases testosterone directly.

Based on a 90-days study, shilajit increased both total testosterone and free testosterone levels in male subjects. 

However, it’s essentially a byproduct of plant decomposition and found in the rocks of the Himalayas. So, it’s recommended to ask for a report of heavy metals whenever you buy it.

Go for shilajit especially if you suffer from sexual issues. This testosterone boosting herb will surely help you tackle the condition. 

#4. Nettle Leaf 

Nettle Leaf

Now, this is one of the most multi-faceted testosterone boosting herbs to help slumping testosterone levels. Its primary effects lie in its power to boost free testosterone and suppress estrogens. 

In general, free testosterone is what you need as it circulates around the body to do what it’s supposed to do.

However, SHBG is an impediment to this process.

In other words, testosterone binds itself to SHBG, which can prevent the free circulation of testosterone. 

When there’s no circulation in the bloodstream, testosterone doesn’t get to where it needs to be.

As a result, you begin experiencing the effects of low T. 

Now, what nettle leaf does is it binds to SHBG in order to free testosterone to get to work.

Besides, this herb will also suppress testosterone conversion to estrogen, the female hormone. Nettle leaf is actually one of the best Proven Testosterone Boosting Herbs.

#5. Horny Goat Weed

horny goat weed

Horny Goat Weed has beneficial properties for boosting testosterone and improving sexual health.

Its use can be traced back to Chinese medicine as an aphrodisiac and cure for erectile dysfunction. 

Studies have also documented its natural aphrodisiac powers at sexual stimulation.

Well, it’s safe to attribute all of its benefits to the active compound called icariin. 

Also, horny goat weed supplementation has proven to increase testosterone in an animal study. Moderate dosage can also be of benefit to bone health.

Thus, all these benefits make it one of the best testosterone boosting herbs.

It’s, in fact, specifically great for you if you do suffer from sexual health issues as well.

So, although the herb carries a weird name, it’s undoubtedly associated with some proven testosterone-related benefits. 

#6. Ginseng


Ginseng has a long-established history of herbal medicine. In fact, it has been used traditionally in Asian countries for its therapeutic properties. 

It’s strong testosterone boosting herb with its powerful T-boosting and libido-enhancing properties.

Several studies have already proven ginseng to be an effective botanical for sexual health and performance.

Moreover, it has shown a huge increase in testosterone levels in animal studies. 

Participants in clinical studies have also shown significant improvement in luteinizing hormone with ginseng.

The production of the luteinizing hormone takes place in the pituitary gland and causes the testicles to release testosterone.

Hence, it’s a natural trigger for your body to produce more amounts of testosterone on its own.

Not to mention, ginsenosides in ginseng can also protect the brain from damage.

Plus, it can improve brain-related functions like mood swings. 

Thus, ginseng originates as a pretty strong testosterone boosting herb which can also suppress irritability. 

#7. Fenugreek


Fenugreek easily finds its place among the Best Testosterone Boosting Herbs. The slightly bitter seeds of the plant are rich in saponins.

Well, its testosterone-boosting powers are related to furostanolic saponins in it. 

Studies show a strong correlation between fenugreek supplementation and improvement in T levels. Plus, it can also help alleviate the symptoms related to depleting testosterone. 

Its strength and stamina-boosting properties make the herb popular among athletes.

Testosterone support can also be proved by its antioxidant properties that prohibit damage by free radicals.

Hence, your body performs better and works as it should. 

According to an eight-week study in 49 athletic men, supplementing 500 mg of fenugreek daily increased testosterone levels and improved strength.

This goes to show why the herb has been so popular among athletes for strength-boosting.

So, if you’re looking for something that increases testosterone and vitality, do consider fenugreek. 

#8. Tongkat Ali

Testosterone boosting herbs

Animal studies associated with the herb already show the powerful aphrodisiac powers of Tongkat Ali.

Henceforth, this herb is often regarded as a libido enhancer for men and even women. 

What’s more, is the herb can also address low energy levels and muscle growth.

It dramatically increases the body’s power to repair muscles. Thus, leading to better muscle mass and body build. 

All these benefits indicate Tongkat Ali as a powerful botanical to solve many of the issues related to low T.

Thus, if you’ve been suffering from these changes in your body, the herb can effectively provide relief. 

Well, these testosterone boosting herbs are nature’s stimulants to help you improve your health.

However, some of these herbs are also expensive and can be hard to procure in the purest form. 

Not to mention, buying each ingredient separately can be a hassle. So, what can you do?


Natural Testosterone Boosters to the Rescue 

Thus far, we know how Herbs Increase Testosterone, and they’re much better than injections or steroids. 

But instead of searching for effective testosterone boosting herbs separately, how about you try something with the power of multiple herbs?

Yes, that’s actually possible and is much more feasible than getting a single herb at double the price. 

We have two of our best Supplements to Increase Testosterone in the category. Let’s check them out. 

#1. TestoGen – Powered with Minerals, Herbs, and Antioxidants 

TestoGen is one of the most effective and affordable T-Boosters with amazing reviews and trusted users around the world.

Due to its long-established name in the market, TestoGen ranks as #1 in many of the Best Testosterone Boosters Review

So, why should you choose it?

Simply because of its powerful combination of ingredients. TestoGen has by far the most comprehensive assemblage of nutrients to boost testosterone naturally. 

Moreover, the formula is thoroughly well-researched and the dosage is under safe limits. Some of the most notable testosterone boosting herbs TestoGen has include fenugreek and nettle leaf.

Thus, you get the power of antioxidants with estrogen-blocking compounds. 

Along with that, you also get a whopping dose of D-Aspartic acid at 2352mg.

This amino acid regulator helps regulate testosterone levels, improve lean muscle mass, and stamina. 

Overall, TestoGen is a nutritional dietary supplement with a power-packed blend of vitamins with herbs and amino acids. 


Pros of TestoGen

  • Up-to-date testosterone boosting formula based on the latest research
  • Positive TestoGen Reviews from numerous users 
  • Only natural and legal ingredients
  • Boosts testosterone, muscle mass, strength, and stamina
  • Improves physical and mental well-being
  • Free testosterone boosting ebook with every order
  • Heavy discounts on every order
  • Multi-buy savings 
  • Free worldwide shipping

Cons of TestoGen

  • 4 pills at a time may get too much for some users 
  • Only available for purchase on the official website 

While TestoGen does work, some of its ingredients can use a better dosage to be effective for some users.

Though, older men will find the formula well tolerable while also getting all the benefits.

Well, if you’re looking for a testosterone booster for an even higher dose, here’s our second pick.


#2. Hunter Test –  Performance Driven Testosterone Supplement

Hunter Test Testosterone Booster is a premium supplement engineered for performance and muscle mass.

However, the biggest highlight of the formula is it is devoid of any artificial colors, flavors, gluten, or soy.

Thus, those of you who suffer from terrible allergies are safe to try this formula.

As for the make-up of the composition, Hunter Test has ashwagandha and ginseng as its two primary herbs.

These two work in tandem with other minerals, vitamins, and plant extracts to increase testosterone. 

Moreover, Hunter Test Reviews have been positive and note the supplement to improve stamina and muscle mass. 

One thing that drastically differentiates Hunter Test from most other T-Boosters is its high dose.

It contains D-Aspartic acid at the highest dose size of 3000mg to offer fast results. Plus, some minerals like zinc and magnesium are also optimally dosed. 

Hunter Test

Pros of Hunter Test

  • 100% natural testosterone booster without artificial colors or flavors
  • Has ashwagandha extract 
  • Can drastically boost stamina and workout performance 
  • Premium formula for competitive men and to remain active
  • Keeps the ingredients list short but with an optimal serving size
  • Has good reviews from men of all ages

Cons of Hunter Test

  • May cost a little more if not bought in bulk
  • 6 pills a day is maybe a bit too much for someone with digestive issues 
  • Only available on the official website

So, TestoGen vs Hunter Test – which one do you think is a better buy? You choose based on your fitness goals and budget.

Meanwhile, here’s our summary of the testosterone boosting herbs and supplements discussion.


Final Takeaway

The ways to boost testosterone naturally are no longer limited and seldom there is a need to go for injections or steroids. 

The first step to better testosterone release is always a healthier diet and workout program.

Testosterone boosting herbs in the supplements are just an extra addition to heighten the result time. 

On the other hand, injections are also often associated with overdosing and severe side effects.

Thus, always think about trying out natural remedies for hormonal treatments. 

Any herb works better when combined with the power of other minerals.

Henceforth, choosing to go for a testosterone supplement likely works better than taking just one herb alone. 

So, what do you think? Do you have any more suggestions for testosterone boosting herbs? Drop your views and comments right below.

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