Hourglass vs Leanbean vs Powher Comparison Review & Analysis

Hourglass vs Leanbean vs Powher 

Which of these weight loss pills rule the women’s fat burner niche?

It’s a tough fight and we’re going to decipher each of these fat burners to find the ultimate winner.

If you’re a female and have been trying to lose weight, chances are it’s quite difficult. As females, we put on stubborn fat on parts we don’t want to. And getting rid of the bulk is easier said than done.

Ideally, what you want is to take in fewer calories and burn off the existing ones simultaneously. A fat burner essentially triggers your body to do just that. 

Female Fat Burners make it certain to balance out the “calorie in calorie out” equation. But you want to be using a fat burner designed with specific ingredients for the desired effect. 

Well, this is where our top 3 female cutting supplements step in. Let’s carry out a thorough comparison to find out our champ, shall we?

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Hourglass vs Leanbean vs Powher – A Quick Check Into the Properties 

So, what makes a fat burner worth it? Obviously, how powerful it is at helping you shape up! 

But the best way to determine its efficacy is to analyze its properties, composition, serving size, and safety factors. 

This is what I’m going to do here.

Before getting into elaborate details, below is a short comparison of Hourglass vs Leanbean vs Powher.

Manufactured by Roar Ambition Ltd.

Has bioavailability enhancer

2 active appetite suppressors

– Lose weight

– Maintain curves

– Suppress cravings

90 days money-back guarantee on the selected pack

Manufactured by Ultimate Life Ltd.

Trace amounts of caffeine (less than 10mg per day)

Has bioavailability enhancer

3 appetite suppressing ingredients

– Manage diet plan

– Limit calorie intake

– Belly Fat Burn

90 days money-back guarantee on buying the selected pack

Manufactured by Ultimate Life Ltd.

Contains 100mg of natural caffeine

3 ingredients for appetite suppression

– Enhance endurance capacity

– Lose weight 

– Supercharge metabolism 

Nausea and headache only in the absence of enough exercise with the pills

Offers a 90 days money-back guarantee on the selected pack


These crucial similarities and disparities should help you make an intelligent choice. However, you also need a thorough Hourglass vs Leanbean vs Powher Review to know for certain that what you choose is going to work for you. 

Right below, I’ve separated these top 3 Female Fat Burners on the basis of their:

  • Pros and cons
  • Formulation
  • Benefits
  • Thermogenic activity
  • Side effects
  • Cost efficiency

Let’s get into the comparative review to find out everything that will enable you to pick the best supplement. 


#1. Hourglass Fit – Sustainable Weight Loss for Women with Curves

Hourglass Fit vs leanbean vs powher

Check Out the Official Website 

Hourglass Fit is made with real women in mind. That means it’ll suit you whether you live an active lifestyle or you’re a stay-at-home body. 

The fat burner has all-natural, active ingredients to keep the formula as mild as possible. Lately, Hourglass Fit has also been in the talks as it has eliminated all caffeine from its formula. 

Additionally, the composition is now 100% suitable for vegans. So, you can stay loyal to your diet routine while keeping the extra fat away. 

As there are no stimulants, you won’t be having any energy crashes. The results will be even better if you combine it with a healthy lifestyle.

Pros of Hourglass Fit

  • All-natural and mild formula
  • Stimulates metabolism 
  • Suppress midday and midnight cravings 
  • Attacks abdominal fat 
  • Contains Bioperine to enhance the efficacy of the formula 
  • Numerous female users across the globe

Cons of Hourglass Fit

  • Doesn’t contain active stimulants for extra energy
  • Only available for purchase through the official website 


#2. Leanbean – Burn Stubborn Fat for a Firm Physique

Leanbean fat burner

Visit the Official Website

This is perhaps one of the names that often pop up in the lists of the Best Female Fat Burners. And that’s for a reason. Numerous women around the world swear by the results Leanbean got them. 

It contains unrivaled doses in just the right amounts. Being free of any harmful stimulants also makes it a good fit for all women. 

Its key benefits include a flat and firm tummy, toned arms and legs, and a firmer, rounder glutes.

These effects are possible as the Leanbean Diet Pills work at supercharging the metabolic rate. Plus, it also offers added energy to go through heavy-duty workouts for accelerated weight loss. 

Pros of Leanbean

  • Used by ex-pro surfer and model, Bree Kleintop
  • Key appetite suppressant to banish cravings 
  • Contains energizing ingredients to support workouts 
  • Harnesses the power of clinically proven ingredients
  • Combine unique ingredients in effective doses  
  • A trusted user base with 5-star reviews

Cons of Leanbean

  • Contains little amounts of caffeine (may not suit caffeine intolerant people)
  • 6 pills in a day may not be agreeable for everyone
  • Only available on its official website 


#3. Powher Cut – Clinically Proven System to Hit Shredding Goals 


Visit the Official Website

Powher Cut is a fairly new weight loss product in the market. Yet, it doesn’t fail to impress. The formula is entirely all-natural and uses ingredients approved by health authorities. 

Moreover, Powher works at helping you achieve an athletic body without any fad ingredients. It does have natural caffeine in it but that’s under safe limits.

Thus, it’ll not cause any side effects and will be safe for most women out there. 

Dut to its energy-enhancing ingredients, it works well at banishing tiredness and fatigue. So, it can very well encourage you to hit the gym each day. 

Its precise ingredients list is another impressive factor I find worth mentioning.

You see, most fat burners just load up ingredients without any sense. With Powher, the entire formulation has science behind it. 

Pros of Powher Cut

  • Each ingredient at high dosage to work fast 
  • Stabilizes blood glucose levels 
  • Supports your energy-restricted diet 
  • Uses stimulants from natural sources 
  • Contains Iron 

Cons of Powher Cut

  • May not be suitable for caffeine intolerant women
  • Dosage of 6 capsules each day may get bothering for some women
  • Only available on the official website

So, which one do you think is the best investment for you in Hourglass vs Leanbean vs Powher?

Well, comparing Leanbean vs Hourglass shows one clear difference, and that’s in the composition. While Hourglass Fit has no caffeine, Leanbean does have a little of it.

Furthermore, the choice between Leanbean or Powher is a little difficult due to so many disparities in the formulation. 

To make things clear, here’s my analysis of the ingredients!


Hourglass vs Leanbean vs Powher – Ingredients Breakdown 

All these fat burners are 100% free of harmful fillers. In fact, the ingredients are largely safe. Most importantly, you’re not getting a typical formula. 

Each fat-burning supplement in the Hourglass vs Leanbean vs Powher comparison has unique ingredients to them. However, this means we’ll have to bifurcate the fat burners based on their composition. 

Let’s get started and see which fat burner has the best formula. 

#1. Hourglass Fit Ingredients – Harsh Stimulants Free Formula

The Hourglass Fit Fat Burner comes in a cute yellow color bottle. The pills deliver a formula that’s effective and mild at the same time.

Moreover, it’s not a template formula. Rather, the makers have only included the ingredients with a substantial grounding in nutritional research.

However, the key thing I was looking for was the serving size of each ingredient.

You don’t want to be using something that’s not adequately dosed. Here’s a brief review along with the serving size.

Key Ingredients in Hourglass Fit

  • Vitamin B6 and B12 (1.7mg and 2.4mcg) – These vitamins are key players in regulating the proper use of glycogen. Plus, Vitamin B12 will help you pack on the nutrient if you’re a vegan and lack the essential vitamin. 
  • Chromium (125mcg) – This particular ingredient helps limit the cravings associated with carbs. Plus, it can help limit the storage of visceral fat. 
  • 5-HTP (150mg) – The ingredient acts to keep you from getting cranky due to the weight-loss diets. The way it does that is by boosting serotonin levels. 
  • Konjac root extract (3000mg) – This is the main ingredient that works at keeping you full and maintaining satiety.

Other active ingredients in Hourglass Fit Pills also include Zinc (8mg), Vitamin B2 (1.1mg), Cayenne pepper extract (100mg), Black pepper extract (5mg).

All these Hourglass Fit Ingredients work at busting fat bulk while keeping extra storage at bay. And the effects can be clearly seen in the Hourglass Fit Reviews shared by the users.

#2. Leanbean Ingredients – Power-Packed with Minerals and Antioxidants

Leanbean packs a tight punch with some of the most potent ingredients for fat burning. These ingredients can actually give you really fast results.

The Average Weight Loss with Leanbean could be anywhere around 4-5lbs per month. This obviously depends on the efforts you put in for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Further, you just have to keep up with the right serving size and the Leanbean Results should start to roll in.

Key Ingredients in Leanbean

  • Konjac Fibre (3000mg) – This compound supports your calorie-restricted diet by helping curb hunger and cravings for snacking.
  • Choline (82.5mg) – Chlorine plays a crucial role in the transportation of fats and the removal of cholesterol from the body.
  • Green coffee bean extract (50mg) – Green coffee is naturally high in antioxidants and chlorogenic acid. The ingredient could have potential benefits for body composition as well. 
  • Turmeric (50mg) – The golden spice substitutes caffeine anhydrous in the lean bean formula for the same thermogenic effects.

Other active ingredients in the Leanbean Fat Burner include Vitamin B6 (1.7mg), Vitamin B12 (2.4mcg), Chromium (35mcg), Zinc (11mg), Potassium (10mg), Garcinia Cambogia (100mg), Acai berry extract (20mg), Bioperine (5mg). 

#3. Powher Ingredients – Optimally Dosed Formula for Rapid Cutting

Powher Cut has the right nutritional amount to get the job done. Plus, the Powher formula uses stimulants from natural sources to provide that extra energy.

As per Powher Cut Reviews, the pills boost physical and mental agility to support longer workouts. 

Moreover, the formula contains nutritional benefits for women with iron and other vitamins. The ingredients present in the formula have also been supported by human studies. 

Key Ingredients in Powher Cut:

  • Glucomannan (3000mg) – It has been shown to support weight loss. Glucomannan even speeds up the rate at which you lose weight while you’re dieting.
  • Natural caffeine (100mg) – Powher uses the ingredient to charge your metabolism and improve alertness and energy.
  • Choline (90mg) – It’s a key ingredient behind the breakdown, digestion, and absorption of fat for energy.

Powher Cut Ingredients also include Magnesium (100mg), Selenium (164mg), Chromium (120mg), and Iron (18mg).

Well, as you can see, comparing the ingredients in Hourglass vs Leanbean vs Powher shows some specific differences. 

But what can this formulation get you in terms of results? Let’s check out the specific benefits of the top 3 Female Fat Cutting Burners


Hourglass vs Leanbean vs Powher – What Can You Expect as Benefits?

Every fat burner in the market claims to help you lose weight. But the way it goes about doing that differs with each supplement. 

In this section, I’ll differentiate Hourglass vs Powher Cut vs Leanbean based on the long-term advantages. 

Let’s start with the Hourglass Fit Fat Burner.

#1. Hourglass Fit Benefits and Results 

Hourglass Fit is a high-quality formula made to help women discover new body confidence.

Essentially, the formula works by helping you put a stop at snacking and maintain your ideal diet. 

However, the biggest punch is its mood-enhancing properties. This helps you from feeling out of sorts while on a calorie-deficit diet.

Here are the key benefits in summary:

  • Round-the-Clock Support to Limit Calories 

Hourglass Fit works day and night to keep you under your ideal calorie intake for weight loss. The fewer calories you eat, the easier it will get for you to burn the existing fat. Plus, you’ll not be putting on any more weight. 

A number of Hourglass Fit Fat Burner Reviews note the supplement to be highly energy boosting. That makes sense as well. Because accelerated calorie burn automatically helps you convert more food into energy. 

The ingredients in Hourglass Fit keep you ahead of your hunger pangs. The fat burner contains large doses of ingredients that suppress appetite. You’re more likely to eat less when you feel less hungry. 

And that’s not all. Hourglass Fit also helps you boost your immunity through essential minerals. The weight loss function naturally gets boosted when your body is functioning at its best. 

Get Hourglass Fit to Unleash a Slimmer Physique

#2. Leanbean Benefits and Results 

Leanbean is not your run-of-the-mill fat burner. If it were, then it wouldn’t have been marketed to celebrity fitness models. It is a highly concentrated formula that’s been designed to work from multiple angles. 

Plus, it also contains a number of clinically tested compounds, such as Garcinia Cambogia and Turmeric.

In combination, all these ingredients get you the strong and toned abs for a beach body. 

Sugar is the number one reason behind stored fat and extra bulk. So, Leanbean is specifically made to help you manage your diet and eating habits.

Leanbean Reviews often mention the higher energy users feel after taking the pills. This happens as the pills break down fat and convert it into much-needed energy. 

You need to move for effective weight loss and that’s for a fact. However, excess weight often makes you lethargic and lazy. Leanbean will fix that for you with energy-enhancing ingredients.

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder then that Leanbean Before and After reviews show stunning body transformations. 

With that, let’s have a look at Powher benefits for a detailed Powher Fat Burner vs Leanbean comparison. 

Achieve Your Leanbean Dream with a Tested Formula 

#3. Powher Benefits and Results 

Well, there are about hundreds to thousands of compounds out there for weight loss. But Powher Cut takes a selective approach and only includes specific ingredients. 

Furthermore, Powher is your partner in weight loss if you need that extra push to get off the couch. 

  • Improved Endurance Capacity

Powher has one of the best compositions to attack fat cells and help you maintain a normal metabolic rate. Thus, Powher Diet Pills offer instant energy to keep you active all day.

  • Maintain Blood Glucose Levels

Fluctuating blood sugar concentrations is detrimental to weight loss. And the leading cause of fluctuating blood levels is an improper diet and eating junk foods. Leanbean puts a legitimate stop at these factors to normalize blood sugar. 

  • Low Stimulant Formula for Benefits without Jitters 

Unlike Hourglass or Leanbean, Powher Cut does contain natural caffeine. However, that’s not a cause for concern as the serving size is within safe limits.

If you can tolerate 1-2 cups of coffee in a day, then you should be fine with Powher Fat Burner dosage. 

Power Up Your Workouts for a Carved Physique

So, Hourglass vs Leanbean vs Powher, which one fits your goals? For a better assessment of the fat burners, we must also evaluate one essential characteristic. 

A useful parameter to judge the real efficacy of a weight loss product is evaluating its thermogenic activity. 


Best Thermogenic Fat Burner – Hourglass vs Leanbean vs Powher 

So, what’s a thermogenic fat burner?

If it’s the first time you’ve heard this term, then you need to know what it is. 

Thermogenic refers to the “ability to produce heat”. This heat is usually the result of stimulated metabolism. A fast metabolic rate obviously burns more calories. And as you burn more calories than you eat, your body shifts into its fat-burning mode.  

The supplements with leading thermogenic compounds are called “Thermogenic supplements”.

Well, good for you, our top three fat burners have proven and tested thermogenic ingredients. But in this segment, we’ll find out which of the three is best at thermogenesis. 

Let’s start with Hourglass Fit.

#1. Hourglass Fit 

Well, we already know, Hourglass Fit contains some quite effective ingredients as a part of its composition. However, when it comes to thermogenesis, it only has cayenne pepper extract. 

But Hourglass Fit contains cayenne in a whopping dose of 100mg. So, it can actually be beneficial when combined with other ingredients.

Henceforth, out of 5, we would rate the thermogenic power of Hourglass Fit at 3. Mainly because cayenne has the bioactive capsaicinoids guaranteed to show results. 

#2. Leanbean

Well, we do miss cayenne in Leanbean. However, this fat burner sufficiently makes up for that lack with other thermogenic ingredients. 

Leanbean has a total of 2 ingredients with active thermogenic, namely Garcinia Cambogia (100mg) and turmeric (50mg). In addition, it also has green coffee extract which has trace amounts of caffeine. 

Caffeine is an extensively tested stimulant to raise body temperature. Thus, Leanbean combines the power of all these substances in each pill. 

Comparing Hourglass vs Leanbean Ingredients indicates Leanbean has far more thermogenic. However, including cayenne can further increase its power and efficacy. 

Still, Leanbean is definitely a 5/5 in terms of its thermogenic effects.

#3. Powher

As compared to Hourglass and Leanbean, Powher has fewer ingredients. However, one of its ingredients is natural raw caffeine in 100mg serving size. 

As you’re supposed to take 6 pills each day, this amount can quickly build up.

Thus, the thermogenic effects can be potent. The Powher Fat Burner Results also show the toned and fit body women get with the use. 

This is, quite frankly, not possible without some sort of thermogenic activity. So, Powher does seem to show results. Though, it still contains fewer thermogenic than Leanbean. 

So, we’ll probably rate it at a 3 out of 5.

But what are the results? Which is the best thermogenic supplement in Hourglass vs Leanbean vs Powher?

Leanbean has the maximum number of thermogenic ingredients.

Hence, clearly indicating its efficacy. This also explains why the formula is made to achieve a body like a fitness model. 

Leanbean takes the first place with the maximum thermogenic compounds in its formula. 

But is that enough?

The safety of a fat burner is as important as its effectiveness. So, next, we evaluate safety measures. Read on to find which fat burner is least likely to cause side effects. Plus, find out the precautions you must take for long-term use.

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Hourglass Fit vs Leanbean vs Powher – Safety and Dosage Instructions

Fat burners are usually considered safe when taken in the recommended dose. However, not all these supplements are 100% safe. Because safety will also depend on your current health. 

Are you a diabetic or perhaps you take medications for any other illness?

If that’s the case, you need to check in with your doctor before you start taking a new fat burner.

Plus, following the proper guidelines is really important for dosing the supplement. Here are the specific details related to the side effects of Hourglass vs Leanbean vs Powher fat burner. 

#1. Hourglass Fit Side Effects 

Hourglass Fit is considered safe as there are no reported cases so far according to the Hourglass Fit Results. Moreover, it doesn’t contain any active stimulants or artificial fillers. 

Each bottle is manufactured in the USA and UK in FDA-approved facilities.

All these factors designate it as safe for the most part. Though, you need to read the labels to be sure you’re not allergic to any ingredient. 

In general, the fat burner is not suitable for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women. 

Here are the dosage instructions of Hourglass Fit Fat Burner.

Hourglass Fit Dosage 

You need to take the pills daily for a period of at least 3 months to get the full benefits. 

  • Take 4 capsules each day
  • You can divide the dosage for 1 pill 4 times a day
  • Try to maintain even gaps between each dose

Following these dosage instructions not only keeps you safe but also shows fast results. 

#2. Leanbean Side Effects 

Leanbean Fat Burner Reviews doesn’t mention any side effects. However, in rare cases, you may get an adverse reaction in case of an allergy.

As Leanbean has quite a lot of ingredients, it is advisable to check each of them for safety. 

Fortunately, this is not tough with the entire composition listed on the bottle with serving size.

Leanbean is usually safe as each bottle has been manufactured in line with the stringent quality measures. 

The bottle clearly mentions consulting your doctor in case you have any medical condition or take medicines. 

Furthermore, follow the recommended dosage to ensure complete safety.

How to Use Leanbean?

Lean bean pills work best when taken as per a daily dose. The serving size is divided throughout the day for absorption and better results. 

  • Take 6 pills per day
  • Divide the dose into 2 pills 3 times a day
  • You need to take each dose 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Hence, the Best Time to Take Leanbean is before your meals for maximum potency. Moreover, it also allows your body enough time to absorb sufficient nutrients.

#3. Powher Side Effects

Powher Fat Burner Reviews have so far been clear of any adverse reactions or complaints. Nonetheless, it’s a fairly new product and the effects can vary in the long-run.

Based on its composition, though, Powher Cut doesn’t seem to harbor any dangerous side effects. 

The only thing I would warn you to be cautious of is the caffeine in it. Powher has about 100mg of caffeine. This may not be a big deal for someone who is comfortable with caffeine intake. 

But some people do get digestive issues with their consumption. I would suggest those to ask their healthcare professional before taking Powher. 

Plus, take the pills in these recommended serving sizes to prevent caffeine overdose.

Powher Dosage

Like Leanbean, Powher is also a high serving size supplement with 6 pills a day. Make sure you take each pill with enough water to prevent indigestion issues. 

Here are the detailed instructions. 

  • Take 6 capsules each day
  • Consume 2 pills 3 times a day
  • Take your doses immediately before breakfast, lunch, and the evening meal

You should be fine with this serving size if you tolerate natural stimulants like caffeine well. However, stop taking the pills if you notice nausea or dizziness.

Well, comparing Hourglass vs Leanbean vs Powher thus far has shown the similarities and differences in these fat burners. Clearly, each has its pros and cons. 

But what about the price?

Cost efficiency matters for budget-conscious users. In fact, it should be one of the deciding aspects of your final purchase. 

Technically, you need to take each supplement for at least 2-3 months. So, you need to be able to afford that as well. Right? Check out the pricing details right below. 


Hourglass vs Leanbean vs Powher – Which is the Most Cost Efficient?

Each supplement is available in packages based on monthly supplies. You have the freedom to pick your pack for one or more months as per the need. 

I would recommend you to pick more than a month’s supply in case you’ve got a lot of weight to lose. This will also cost you less with multi-buy savings. 

However, you need to make your purchase from the official website of the fat burner. Otherwise, you won’t be getting any offers, freebies, or money-back guarantees. 

Plus, it also ensures you get the supplements at the best price as the official site sells directly to you. There is no involvement of any middlemen or third-party retailers. 

Having said all that, here are the packages, pricing, and offer details. 

Hourglass Fit 

1 Month Supply Price $55
2 Months Supply Price $110
4 Months Supply Price $165
Worldwide delivery Only on 4 months supply pack
Money-Back Guarantee 90 days guarantee on the biggest pack
Bonus Offers No such offers
Place Your Order  hourglassfit.com


1 Month Supply Price $59
2 Months Supply Price $118
4 Months Supply Price $185
Worldwide delivery Available on the 4 months supply pack
Money-Back Guarantee A guarantee period of 90 days on 4 months supply
Bonus Offers Free home workout guide on every pack
Place Your Order  leanbeanofficial.com

Powher Cut

1 Month Supply Price $65
2 Months Supply Price $129
4 Months Supply Price $195
Worldwide delivery Only applicable on the 4 months supply
Money-Back Guarantee 90 days guarantee applicable on ordering the biggest supply pack
Bonus Offers Not available
Place Your Order  powherofficial.com

Well, Hourglass Fit clearly comes out as the most budget-effective buy in Hourglass vs Leanbean vs Powher. However, Leanbean is not too far off.

I would definitely recommend you to go with Leanbean if you can spend some extra dollars.

Leanbean makers are also offering you a free workout guide that’s not available with any other fat burner.

Powher Cut is the most expensive of all these three fat burners. Well, it’s a professionally developed formula for cutting. So, the price explains it. 

Otherwise, all the fat burners offer the same deals on money-back and worldwide delivery. So, naturally, your decision will be largely based on the price only. 

Here is the final summary to help you decide.


Hourglass vs Leanbean vs Powher – Final Verdict

These top female fat burners encompass some of the finest blends I’ve seen while researching the niche. For me, personally, the winner would be the one that suits your goals. 

Here’s what I mean. Based on this thorough evaluation, one thing that seems clear is each product has been designed with a specific target in mind.

Reasons to choose Hourglass Fit would likely be:

  • Weight loss with a mild formula tailor-made for women
  • Only fat burner that’s free of caffeine 
  • Only fat burner with specific mood-enhancing ingredients
  • Very affordable

Buy Hourglass Fit from the Official Website

Likewise, choose Leanbean for these reasons:

  • The highest number of thermogenic ingredients
  • Supplement with antioxidant ingredients seldom found in fat burners
  • Many clinically-proven weight loss ingredients

Buy Leanbean from the Official Website

Powher Cut is likely your best investment if:

  • You want to cut for a competition
  • Caffeine is not an issue for you
  • You’ve got a bigger budget for a premium shredding formula

Buy Powher Cut from the Official Website

And yes! All these fat burners are 100% vegan. So, which one fits in with your goals? I hope this summary offers you insight into selecting a fat burner for you.

If still undecided, go ahead and check out the Hourglass vs Leanbean vs Powher comparative table once again!!

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