Does It Really Work? [2020 Update]

Instant Knockout Fat Burner claims to offer stunning muscle definition while stripping off your extra body fat.

Let’s find out how it really works to establish itself in the race of the best fat burners.

The weight loss industry is home to thousands of products and dietary supplements. These products claim to help you burn your excess body fat and give you your desired shape.

But, in reality, a good number of such products are not at all effective. Therefore, it becomes crucial to know every aspect of such supplements before buying them. It is important to analyze and verify the authenticity of any product before buying it.

Here in this blog, we will put into consideration one of the industry’s leading and in-demand weight loss supplements, Instant Knockout Fat Burner.

We’ll discuss the Instant Knockout Reviews in detail including the analysis of its ingredients, benefits, pros and cons, side effects, price, customer reviews, and some FAQs.

So, read it completely to know everything about this product.

Meanwhile, you can also check out the Instant Knockout official website to get to know the basics of the fat burner.

Product Website:


What Is Instant Knockout?

Instant Knockout

Instant knockout is a professional fat burning supplement that was initially developed to help the MMA fighters, pro-boxers, and other sports personnel lose weight fast.

It’s a Roar Ambition product, which is now launched in the market for the use of common men and women as well.

Instant Knockout is a high-quality weight loss solution developed after years of research. This tried and tested formula is backed by the power of 10 natural Instant Knockout Ingredients. 

It’s an ultra-pro fat burner that sheds your most stubborn body fat with ease.

In fact, it is used and recommended by many fitness instructors, like Coach Greg Jackson, showing the real-time results that it delivers.


Who Should Use Instant Knockout?

Instant Knockout is ideal for the use of men and women in general.

It is not suitable for the use of those who may be allergic to stimulants like caffeine. This is because its formula is quite strong and powerful.

Caffeine in Instant knockout and many other stimulants used in this product may cause health issues.

However, based on many Instant Knockout Reviews, the supplement is safe for consumption and almost everyone tolerates it well.

Further, women involved in bodybuilding or any other sports can use it. In the end, its benefits remain unchanged.


How Does Instant Knockout Work?

Instant Knockout is engineered to eliminate your most stubborn fat. Its triple-action approach makes sure that you not only burn fat but also prevent the new storage of fatty cells.

#1. Boosts Your Metabolic Rate

Your body needs energy even while breathing. Instant Knockout formula boosts the natural metabolic rate of your body.

No matter if you are at the gym or sitting at home, your body continues to burn calories at a faster rate. Thus, your fat-burning mechanism speeds up. Hence, you get rapid results.

#2. Reduces Hunger

It seems like you get hungrier while you’re on a diet. Instant Knockout helps to eliminate your food cravings by reducing your appetite.

It reduces your calorie intake and aids in faster weight loss process.

#3. Fuels Energy Level

Gyming and exercising can often drain out your energy. Stimulants present in Instant Knockout help you stay energized throughout your workout sessions.

Therefore, you can strain the maximum benefits from your physical activities.

The natural fat burning process is very slow. It is quite frustrating and demotivating. Instant Knockout heightens this natural process for rapid results.

Besides burning fats, it prevents the alpha-2 receptors in your body to store extra fats. This ensures a wholesome fat loss journey.


What Are the Benefits of Using Instant Knockout?

Instant Knockout Benefits are immense. Some of the documented ones based on Instant Knockout reviews are right below:

  • Suppresses appetite – Instant Knockout outs a full stop at mid-day cravings and unnecessary binging.
  • Heightens thermogenesis – It heats up the body for accelerated fat burn.
  • Reduces calorie absorption – Through appetite suppression, it also reduces the number of calories eaten and stored.
  • Faster fat metabolism – The pills speed up the metabolic process for faster fat burn.
  • Boosts energy – Users have reported feeling a burst of energy after taking Instant Knockout pills.
  • Elevates mood – The supplement reduces irritability by helping maintain a better diet while reducing hunger pangs.
  • Lean muscle mass gain – As the layers of fat sitting over the muscles burn, you get better muscle tone.
  • Flattens belly – Men and women notice better-toned belly area and shrink down waist size with Instant Knockout.
  • Firmer hips, glutes, and thighs – Instant Knockout targets stubborn fat in problem areas.
  • Enhanced performance – More energy, stamina, and workout performance are inevitable perks of Instant Knockout.

Lose Weight and Achieve Extra Toned Muscles with Natural Fat Burners 


What Are the Instant Knockout Pros and Cons?

Like every other fat burner out there, there are good and bad aspects of Instant Knockout as well. 

While the pros far outweigh the cons, we do think evaluating both of them is important. We surveyed Instant Knockout Reviews to find out the major plus and minuses as experienced by the users. 

First off, let’s have a look at the pros of Instant Knockout.


  • Extremely effective appetite suppressant
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Metabolism booster
  • Thermogenic fat burner
  • Exhibits fast results
  • Worldwide delivery available
  • Discounts available
  • 90-days money-back guarantee


  • Not suitable for men and women with a sedentary lifestyle
  • Not vegetarian or vegan friendly
  • Very strong formula
  • High caffeine content can cause sensitivity
  • Possess mild side effects like jitters
  • Fairly expensive
  • Exclusively available on its official website
  • 4 capsules per day


What Are the Ingredients Used in Instant Knockout?

Instant Knockout Ingredients contain all-natural components to help burn off extra fat.

Along with some stimulants, other ingredients used specifically targets fat stores in different body parts.

As far as the Instant Knockout Reviews go, people have usually commented on the efficacy of the fast-acting formula.

Here is the full list of ingredients as shown on the official website of Instant Knockout:

#1. Caffeine Anhydrous

It is the most effective form of caffeine and is an essential thermogenic ingredient. It increases your body’s temperature and heightens your metabolism. 

Caffeine also accelerates your body’s ability to break down stored fat and produce energy. It has several health benefits. Plus, it also enhances the properties of cayenne pepper and green tea.

It is one of the major ingredients used in many weight loss supplements. It is a source of so many antioxidants and other vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals.

Green tea extract also has caffeine that is very beneficial for weight loss. It contains catechins that inhibit carbohydrate digestion and absorption. It aids in losing some extra kilos.

#3. Cayenne Pepper Seeds

Capsaicin present in it is a very potent thermogenic ingredient. It reduces your appetite and makes you feel fuller. 

Cayenne also boosts insulin sensitivity and improves the storage of carbs. It raises your body temperature and increases your metabolic rate that helps burn more calories. 

#4. Zinc

Zinc is an essential mineral that helps to increase the metabolic rate in your body. It further helps in muscle building.

It possesses several other benefits and enhances your immune system and metabolism. Zinc also improves your cholesterol level and maintains your BMI.

#5. Green Coffee Beans

It is a well known thermogenic ingredient that stops fat accumulation by inhibiting carbohydrate absorption in your body. 

It generates body heat and aids in the breakdown of body calories.

#6. Glucomannan

It is a plant-based fiber and a major potent weight loss substitute. It helps your body get rid of toxic substances. 

Moreover, Glucomannan is an effective appetite suppressant. It reduces your hunger and limits your food cravings. Thus, it prevents overeating and helps in faster calorie loss.

#7. Chromium

It helps your body in the proper management of carbohydrates. It also works as an appetite suppressant and reduces your hunger. Plus, Chromium is also known to regulate insulin and blood sugar levels in your body.

#8. Piperine

It is a bioactive chemical with a lot of nutritional value. It makes absorption rates higher for both macro and micronutrients, elevates thermogenesis, and aids in faster digestion. By the way, piperine inhibits the formation of new fat cells.

#9. Vitamin B6

It helps in cell repair and aid in new cell production. It is also essential for amino acid absorption and is very effective for muscle growth.

#10. Vitamin B12

It increases your red blood cell count and helps in fat metabolism. Vitamin B12 improves carbohydrate digestion and aids in protein synthesis.


How to Use Instant Knockout Fat Burner?

Each bottle of Instant Knockout consists of 120 red pills. These pills are 750mg each.

The recommended Instant Knockout Dosage is 4 capsules per day – one in the morning, one before lunchtime, one in the afternoon, and the last one before your evening meal. 

Many Instant Knockout reviews note that the four-equal doses throughout the day ensure you are burning fat effectively. Consume these capsules along with a full glass of water.

You will experience the best results when you take this supplement along with a healthy fat-free diet and daily exercise. 


Are There Any Side Effects?

It is very important to know the side effects of any product before using it. This is because sometimes the side effects result in adverse health conditions.

Talking about this product, Instant knockout Side Effects are milder as compared to many weight loss supplements. In fact, very few Instant Knockout reviews comment about any sort of side effects. 

The minimal possible side effects are due to the high caffeine content.

Stimulants and caffeine contained in Instant Knockout can disrupt your sleep pattern. It can rarely cause insomnia.

This is why it is advisable not to consume the pills late at night. It is suggested to complete your daily dosage at least 5 hours before bedtime.

Your body might take time to adjust with the supplement and react by causing nausea and vomiting. In such cases, you can reduce your doses to two pills rather than four, for some time.

You can also take the pills with food instead of on an empty stomach. This will help you avoid such symptoms. 

If you are not accustomed to ingesting caffeine, you might initially feel jittery and headaches. You can reduce your dosage as mentioned earlier to prevent headaches.


What Kind of Precautions Should You Take?

Since Instant Knockout consists of a high level of caffeine, you should consult a doctor if you’re sensitive towards stimulants.

You can also reduce the dosage and see how it reacts to your body. If everything remains fine, you can consume 4 pills per day.

Also, it’s better to avoid any other supplement that contains stimulants while consuming Instant Knockout. A very high caffeine dosage may cause nausea.

You are not permitted to use Instant Knockout if you are:

  • Below 18 years of age
  • Pregnant or breast-feeding lady
  • Suffering from any chronic illness or undergoing serious medications

Moreover, remember not to use this product for a long time. It can cause tolerance and stop showing results.

Take a gap of 1 week after the first month of intake. And lastly, Instant Knockout doesn’t claim to cure or prevent any type of disease.


Instant Knockout Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Well, actually there are many Instant Knockout reviews available on its official website, online forums, and third-party review sites.

Most of them happen to be positive with some exceptions. Check out the before and after picture of a real user.

Lukas Instant Knockout Testimonial

Here are the testimonials: 

Alex Grandos, USA

This 36-year-old man from Atlanta experienced an effective increase in his strength after using Instant Knockout within a few days of use. He admitted that after taking this supplement, he could work out for hours without feeling fatigued. It helped him burn his body fat with ease.

He witnessed a dramatic increase in his endurance and muscle building. He did not experience any side effects. Rather, he was highly satisfied with the results.

Lucas, USA

This 18-year boy wanted to get shredded for his college. He wanted a ripped and sexy physique. His choice for Instant Knockout was motivated by amazing customer reviews and the use of natural ingredients.

He added this supplement to a healthy diet and 2 hours daily workout that included weight lifting. Well, his results after 3 months amazed him.

Like Alex and Lucas, thousands of users are highly satisfied with the Instant Knockout Results. It is very much evident from their Instant Knockout Before and After Pictures.


Where to Buy Instant Knockout? [Packages and Instant Knockout Price]

The only place to buy Instant Knockout is its official website:

You’ll not find an authentic product in any online or local stores other than the official site.

You will get 3 different packages of Instant Knockout to choose from:

  • 1 month supply pack: It consists of 1 bottle and costs $59 only.
  • 2 months supply pack: It consists of 2 bottles of Instant Knockout. It costs $118. Free shipment is available in the USA and UK on ordering this pack.
  • 3 months supply pack: This is the ultimate shredding stack. You get 3 bottles and 1 more bottle free with it for $185. You get free shipment worldwide and a money-back guarantee as well. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

There is a lot of curiosity around Instant Knockout owing to its market position. Though, users usually have queries regarding the correct use and effects in the long-run.

Check out the answers to the commonly asked questions.

#1. How long does Instant Knockout take to work?

It varies from person to person. Some users have benefitted from it instantly. While others have seen results within 45 to 90 days.

If you follow the Instant Knockout Directions properly along with a healthy diet and exercise, you’ll surely benefit from this product. 

#2. Is Instant Knockout suitable for both men and women?

Instant Knockout is not ideal for the use of caffeine-sensitive men and women.

But if you’re into weight lifting, heavyweight training, or any other sports like bodybuilding and boxing, you can surely benefit through it. It is especially useful for use by athletic men and women.

#3. Can I take Instant Knockout on an empty stomach?

Yes. The morning pill is supposed to be taken on an empty stomach. But if you experience nausea or vomiting, it is better to consume it with food.

#4. Is Instant Knockout safe for vegans?

No. Instant Knockout is not vegan friendly.

#5. Can I buy Instant Knockout at Amazon, GNC, Walmart, or any other third-party stores?

No. The manufacturers don’t involve any third-party sellers like Instant Knockout GNC to avoid any types of fraudulence.

It is better to buy it only from the official website to get the authentic product.

#6. Do I get a Money-Back Guarantee on buying from the official website?

Yes. On order from the official website, you get a money-back guarantee on a few packages, like the three month supply pack.

You get the best deals and exciting discounts exclusively on the official site.


Is Instant Knockout Worth It?

Yes, we rate it as one of the Best Fat Burners available right now. Give it a try specifically if you have athletic goals in mind.

In fact, based on Instant Knockout reviews, many men and women have used it for competing in bodybuilding and sports-related competitions. It actually hints at the Instant Knockout’s power to be quite useful during the bulking and cutting cycles. 

However, that’s not to say that you can’t use it to just lose some weight. Many people have and continue to use it for the same purpose.

Though, we won’t suggest you take Instant Knockout if you have issues with stimulants like caffeine. 

You can also ask your healthcare provider to make sure you’re not allergic to any particular ingredients.

Nonetheless, if you need an all-natural yet effective fat-burning supplement, Instant Knockout is your best bet. 

Tell us what you think of Instant Knockout right below in the comments section.

Or click on the link provided here to shop Instant Knockout at the best available price with worldwide shipping. 

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